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Industrial Construction Sector In Poland 2014 Development Forecasts For 2014-2019 - Market Size, Growth, Forecast


New projects in industrial sector fuel construction activity in Poland 

Report examines plans, investments and forecasts for development.

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Construction projects planned for the industrial sector constitute a larger share of Poland’s construction market than at any time in recent history. Developers and contractors are busy with a variety of new, recent and planned projects such as manufacturing and warehouse facilities, gas and fuel investments, waste management and energy block construction.

What is the current value of this sector? Which locations in Poland will host the largest and most valuable upcoming industrial construction projects? Which contractors have been selected to complete the largest number of projects? Which foreign contractors have expressed interest in beginning operations on the Polish industrial construction market? Discover the answers to all of these questions and many more when you review Industrial construction sector in Poland 2014, Development forecasts for 2014-2019, a comprehensive market report from PMR.

This innovative document takes a close look at the level and types of investment  - foreign and domestic, that support the planning and execution of new construction, remodeling and renovation of Poland’s factories, gas and fuel processing facilities, energy block construction projects and waste management ventures. It examines market conditions, provides the value of each segment, costs involved in completing various types of construction projects and regional locations of the most valuable and high-profile ventures planned for Poland’s industrial sector.

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Market forecasts comprise an important portion of this publication. Readers can review forecasts for the total number of new industrial buildings scheduled to be completed during the period 2014-2019, as well as forecasts for construction and assembly in this sector and each of its segments for the same forecast period. The report looks ahead at the predicted impact of macroeconomic expectations, price changes and other factors on market development, and offers SWOT analysis for the entire Polish construction sector.

This report functions as a research and planning asset that is especially important to manufacturers of the specialised construction materials and equipment required for industrial sector projects. The information it contains is sought after by foreign companies with interests in this market, as well as project designers and managers, investors and a wide variety of government, business, financial and research and consulting professionals interested in any type of expansion to Poland’s industrial infrastructure.

These professionals will utilise the report in preparation for market entry, as a guide to the competitive landscape in this sector and when locating potential investments in the Polish industrial construction sector. They’ll find it essential when preparing demand forecasts for building materials and creating a successful strategy for expansion.

Order this publication today and stop wasting valuable time searching for comprehensive data, insightful analysis and reliable forecasts. One click, and PMR delivers all the business information you need – directly to your desktop.

Table of Content

Methodology 9
Executive summary 11
Industrial construction market in Poland 15
Industrial investment projects planned in Poland 25
Development forecasts for the industrial construction sector in 2014-2019 63
Competitive environment in industrial construction 73
Profiles of top four most active contractors engaged in industrial projects 81
List of graphs 89
List of tables 91

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