Monday, 13 May 2013

Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate: Game Visitors Overview

Publisher:      Warner Bros
Developer:     Armature Studio
Genre:           Action, Adventure
Release Date:
October 25 2013

During the entire game, Amanda Waller is seen monitoring the functions in the breakout. In a post-credits picture, it is revealed that Waller was the one who hired Catwoman to break Bane out of Blackgate. Each Waller’s orders, ut she did not complete her main mission, and Flag’s team had to return Bane to custody. It is seen of which Waller offers Deadshot in addition to Bronze Tiger in her helicopter, remarking she recognizes these individuals as military, rather than degenerates. Since her helicopter flies away from Blackgate, one of Batman’s trackers is seen on its underbelly.

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