Tuesday, 26 February 2013

New Research report On Global Horticulture Market Outlook 2015 By MarketResearchReports.biz

mrrbiz180x180The horticulture industry is one of the most significant sectors in the world. The production of fruits, vegetables and flowers has acquired much importance in recent times due to their increasing demand. Changing lifestyles of people across the globe and attempts to overcome the stressful lifestyle, and inclination towards healthy and balanced eating habits has made people include fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. In the case of flowers, the demand for fresh flowers has steadily increased not only for decoration but also for many other purposes like medicines, perfumes, cosmetics and such like. Global fruit production was reported at 548 million tonnes and vegetable production came in at 990 million tonnes in 2011.

For the year, the size of the global floriculture industry stood at around USD 109 billion. The demand for fruits, vegetables and flowers has been constantly on the rise - in some countries this industry already plays a very important role and contributes significantly to the economy. Several governments and private enterprises across the globe have initiated measures to support this industry. These initiatives have been in the form of both investments and policies for the development of the industry. Consequently, not only have the primary producers, the farmers, been benefitted majorly, associated sectors like transportation, distribution, storage, processing and packaging have also received a huge fillip. Numerous employment opportunities have been generated, benefiting large sections of people associated with it, both directly and peripherally. Our report presents a broad overview of the global horticulture industry, its current and future prospects, investment trends and the regulatory frameworks of several countries such as China, the Netherlands, India, Nigeria, among others.

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The report also makes a detailed analysis of country specific horticulture industry, including its allied sectors, issues and challenges faced by it and the major players involved in the industry. In addition, our report analyses the overview of the industry through critical success factors, growth drivers and submits an outlook of the same.
 Global Overview of the Horticulture Industry
 Country-Specific Status of the Industry
 Growth Drivers
 Issues and Challenges
 Outlook of the Industry
 Current Global Horticulture Status and Outlook
 Detailed Analysis of Various Horticultural Markets
 Key Markets
 Critical Success Factors
 Detailed Analysis of Industry
 SWOT Analysis
 Companies in Horticulture and Agriculture Sectors
 Educational Institutes and Research Centers
 Business Research, KPOs & Consulting companies
 Horticulture products Transportation, Distribution, and Machinery Manufacturers/Suppliers
 Government and Policy Makers
 Commercial and Investment Banks
 Individuals/Investors

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